Local content.

Specialized support for the preparation of balanced Local Content plans.

local content plans.

Local content is a three-dimensional approach that aims to contribute to the sustainable development of an emerging economy. It focuses on the development of local skills and competencies. The use of local manpower. Sourcing of local goods and services and, in-country structural investments.

In this context transferring skills and know-how to the local workforce requires a specific strategy. Whilst your focus is to deliver high-quality projects in a safe, time-efficient and cost-effective way, it is often easy to overlook the complexity of meeting Local Content requirements.

By assessing your scope, the project’s manpower needs and the local availability of required skills, OVVIO Solutions can support you in the preparation of balanced commitments and design “fit for purpose” manpower, recruitment, training, and know-how transfer plans. Anywhere in the world.

When required, our services also cover the initial in-country implementation.

Are you bidding or approaching the execution of a project that includes Local Content requirements? Contact us to find out how we can help you assess, develop and implement local content plans and reporting strategies.

our approach.


1. Assessment

As a first step, we assess your scope, the project’s manpower needs, host country regulations, and the local availability of the required skills and competences.


2. Development of Plans

Fit for purpose manpower, sourcing, recruitment, training, know-how transfer and succession plans are drafted.


3. Tools & Structure

We work on the organization structure with your HR staff and project team.

Job descriptions, skillset analysis tools, training matrixes, responsibility matrices, Expats, and local and 3rd nationals positions are prepared, as any other document required by law or for the execution of the local content plans.


4. Strategy Review

The local content plans and the organization structure are reviewed. We ensure that targets, cost, risks, and schedule are clear, feasible and aligned to the company strategy.


5. Metrics Design

According to your legal or contractual commitment, we prepare metrics, analytics and reporting tools that evaluate the performance and track the progress of the local content plans and their implementation.


6. Implementation

We assist you during the kickoff and the first phases of the in-country plans’ implementation; the scale-up of the organization and the initial sourcing of manpower.